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Client: Jenpharm

Client Requirements:

Shift from an obsolete WordPress website to a modern minimalistic E-commerce store to attract and appeal to more potential customers, to increase sales and create a seamless customer experience.

To create and maintain a social media presence, educate and allure targeted audience through original content and create a pool of loyal and completely organic audience  

Company Overview:

Jenpharm is currently one of the pioneers of skin and personal care in Pakistan. Providing cure, protection and nourishment to your hair, nails and skin.


The market is flooded with skin and personal care products making it difficult to portray Jenpharm’s true potential, not just another drop in the ocean of skin care products.


Just an overview of Jenpharm was not enough, we through in-depth research had to convince the audience and make them realise that Jenpharm isn’t just another personal care brand


We through conventional (Ad posting, Boosting and on-time Sale Launches), influencer and custom marketing convinced the general public of the potential of Jenpharm’s products.


Our client received an astonishing boost in online sales, of more than 85%.

Nationwide brand Recognition through on time and brand-related original posting

A seamless customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty

Organic audience comprising of more than 75k followers on Instagram and 47k page likes on Facebook

Services Provided:

Website Development:

Construction and management of a Custom Shopify based E-commerce store, utilizing Shopify Liquid and Custom CSS

Website UI/UX

Whatsapp Chat Now Button Integration

Courier Company Integrations

eCommerce Development Deliverables

Website Optimization


Performance Marketing:

Engaging and overseeing paid marketing and boosting for extra reach and customers conversion

Social Media Management:

We built and managed the online presence of the brand from scratch.


Our designers, content writers and account managers through extensive research and hard work, devised platform-specific strategies and created stunning content for Jenpharm’s social media i.e. Facebook and Instagram.

Customer Support:

Complete range of customer services to assist customers in making cost-effective and correct use of a product.

Our Community Managers through on time and detailed responses to the customer queries built a seamless customer experience.

Performance Marketing:

Brandpa strategized to increase brand awareness among the targeted audiences through running paid ads with brand recall objectives. It helped in generating brand & product awareness & resulted in increasing the sales by 85%

The 2nd challenge was accomplished by increasing customer engagement through user-generated content & memes marketing. It not only increased customer engagement but also increased website traffic, queries & calls of the customers resulting in increasing the orders by 30X through Facebook & Instagram messages as well as through phone calls & WhatsApp. Consequently, Page Likes & Followers were also increased as a result of this strategy.

The 3rd thing taken into account was Influencer marketing. Brandpa selected Micro & Macro Influencers, generated awareness as well as attracted & convinced the customers towards buying Jenpharm’s products. This strategy worked well and the online sales grew amazingly by 70%.

The 4th Step taken by Brandpa was customized marketing as per the purchase behavior & patterns of the customers. This helped Brandpa in increasing Add To Carts Percentage by 40 Percent & Initiate Check-Out Percentage was also increased by 23%.

Moreover, Different Product Bundles were introduced as per all the skin types plus customers were informed about the benefits & usage of the product. It helped in pushing the sales further by 10X.

Jenpharm’s return on ad spend increased by 29X & Online Sales grew by more than 85% as a result of effective performance marketing done by Brandpa.

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